Remaining Optimistic

There are exactly three days left until the swim season begins, and I couldn’t be more excited. It is my last year of high school swimming, and I am so anxious to see how it turns out.

I, along with three other team captains, am busy planning homecoming week. Street painting is Monday, as well as the first day of practice and tryouts. Tuesday we have the parent meeting, Friday is the homecoming parade.I never realized how stressful it would be to be a team captain. I am absolutely honored that I have the opportunity to be a team captain, but I want to make sure I am a successful captain. I want to be remembered in a positive way when I graduate. I want my teammates to strive to be a team captain like me someday.  I want to live up to all the great team captains I had while I was an underclassmen. I want my coach to use me as an example to future swimmers. I want to make a difference in another swimmer’s life.

I want to quality for state this year more than I have ever wanted anything in my entire life. My shoulder surgery caused a huge setback, and I hope I can make up for the training I’ve missed out on. I’ll see others swimmers in the hallways or at the football game I went to tonight and I’ll ask them if they are excited for the season and all of them have mixed opinions. “Yeah, I guess I’m excited, but I’m also kind of dreading it” or “I’m excited to get back with the team and our friends again, but do we really have to practice as much as we do”. Hearing those response kill me. I can’t wait to swim again. I have an appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday the 7th, and I am so nervous for his feedback. I want him to clear me so I can go ahead and get training now.

I want to be the first to dive into the pool, our gross, crappy pool. I can’t explain to you how amazing that feeling is. The water is completely silent, no ripple or wave. There is something so peaceful yet exhilarating in being the only one, holding your breath, sitting at the bottom of that pool. I can’t wait to smell like chlorine again. It’s like a perfume and it never comes off no matter how hard you scrub at it in the shower. I can’t wait to race again. I have been swimming for seven years now, but every single time I get behind that block to race I still get that same butterflies I got from day one. I can’t wait to hear and see my coach screaming and whistling at me to go faster. I am not the best swimmer on our team nor am I even remotely close to it either. I am simply ready to just be able to take another stroke.

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