Sore after only two days

Practice started Monday,  and it was so hard for so many different reasons. Number one, I haven’t done much working out, especially upper body for the past four months. That lead me to be extremely sore. Number two, it was extremely frustrating to not be able to take a regular stroke or actually swim. I knew there are so many younger girls looking up at me as a leader and a role model. What kind of role model can’t even do what everyone else can? So I kicked all practice long. I tried doing half pulls and a one armed streamline. To say the least it was the most discouraging moment I’ve ever had during a practice.

After practice we had an activity called street painting. We do it every year as a homecoming tradition. Each club or sport is assigned a spot on the main entryway of the school, and we all get paint and get to design something that has to do with our sport or club. We ran out of our blue paint way too quickly and had way to much yellow left over. But it was great. It was definitely a bitter-sweet moment because it was my last time I will ever get the chance to be apart of it. But it was wonderful nonetheless.

Tuesday was the next day of practice, and it was equally as hard. It was equally great as well. The swim team is like my second family. We hate each other at times, but we’re so close to one another that you could ask any of us anything about each other and we would probably get it correct 99% of the time even down to the type of shampoo we use and where we buy our underwear. We all know what suit size we wear and know what brand of tampons we each use.

After practice we had the parents meeting and again, it was the last time that is going to happen. We decided on t-shirts both parents and swimmers which were both my design, and I was happy to hear that others liked it. It’s been a rough stressful few days, but knowing I have a lot of people supporting me and my decisions to lead this team is very reassuring. I have always aimed to please, and if I don’t,  I tear myself down.

But today has been the most discouraging moment I have probably had in my entire life. My mother and I drove to Salt Lake to see my doctor and get some answers. And the answers he gave me were not what I wanted to hear. I can’t fully swim for another six weeks, and this season is not going to put me where I want to be. I had a chance to make it to state, but now those chances have practically diminished according to my doctor. This is by far the hardest thing I have gone through. But as a team captain, I can’t show my weakness and disappointment.