1 week down, 18 to go

Wow. That title is a little scary. The swim season always seems so incredibly, endlessly long. However, putting it into that kind of perspective is very inspiring yet disappointing all at the same time. It is weird to think there is an end to something that I have loved for half my life now. Thursday we had practice which was breaststroke day, and it was relieving because it was something that I could actually do. There are no over-the-head motions, so it is fairly easy to do with a bum shoulder. It also is my worst stroke, so isn’t that a coincidence!  But it was still very nice to be able to do something! Finally!

The last thirty minutes of varsity practice is the first thirty minutes of the junior varsity and rookie workout, so what we do is team up varsity swimmers with junior varsity swimmers and rookie swimmers so we can all help each other out. The rookies can begin to learn well with their peers in the water, rather than a coach screaming at them from the deck. The more experienced swimmers are also helped because it allows them to teach, and teaching requires that you know the subject inside and out. Therefore, in the long run it helps every swimmer on the team.

I am the mentor to three girls this year. One named Kayla, who I helped last year as well. This is her second year swimming, and she is such an inspiration to everyone on the team. She is so energetic and happy all the time. She always has a smile on her face. The next is named Maddy. This is her first year swimming in high school ,but she swam on her own previously so she knows a lot of the basics so that is always wonderful. The last is named Meagan, and she has never swam before so she is so courageous to me for being able to have the guts to join a extremely difficult sport without knowing anything about it. So I have three wonderful girls all at completely different stages in swimming. It should be an interesting season to say the least. I’m really excited though. I can tell that they have a certain desire in them and  trust in me and I hope that I can do everything possible to help them through the season and find a new love for this sport.

Friday was the homecoming parade, and again it was bitter sweet. I walked the whole thing and didn’t really want it to end even though it was so stressful preparing for it. This year is full of lasts. It was my last first day on Monday. It was my last annual street painting. It was my last homecoming parade. And it was my last first week. This season will be rough for me with my injury. I’m not giving up, but I am accepting the reality of my situation. My goal was to make it to state. And it still is. But my new, more important goal, is to make a difference in these young swimmers lives.