Every year we do a fundraiser call the swim-a-thon. All us swimmers are required to raise at least $200 dollars and swim 200 laps which equals three miles. It is absolutely exhausting but it is a great fundraiser. Usually sport teams will try selling cookie dough or candy bars or tickets to a banquet, or at least that is what happens at my school. But with the swim team we don’t sell anything. Which makes it somewhat difficult at times. We just try to collect the $200 dollars and swim the 200 laps in less than 2 hours.

Out of that money, 5% of it goes to the company that puts it on which is USA swimming. 45% of the money goes directly back to the swimmer that earns it. So earning $200 dollars gives each swimmer $90 dollars to use towards any funds that they are expected to pay. And let me inform you that that is a lot. Especially your freshmen/first year in high school swimming. You are required to buy the team swim suit, the team bag, a mesh poly-trainer suit, fins, paddles (varsity only), practice suits, overnight meet fee’s, team sweatshirt and team t-shirt, required to buy yearly because it as well as our motto changes every year. And then the 50% left over goes towards the team for those expenses, like pasta parties, away meet bus fee’s and hotel fee’s and the end of the season banquet and any other in between issues that come up.

Like my freshman year, the money was used to purchase new timing systems for all of our home meets. My sophomore year we were required to raise $300 dollars instead of $200 because we needed to repaint the pool deck and buy new starting blocks. Junior year didn’t have any specific costs and it doesn’t look like this senior year will either. The swim team only is allotted $500 dollars for the girls and $500 dollars for the boys which is no where near enough. Even just the end of the season banquet costs around $2,500 dollars. So this fundraiser is pretty much the best around.

For me, the swim-a-thon this year was the first time I was going to try to swim. To actually swim. And much to my surprise, swimming 200 laps and three miles against my doctors recommendations, didn’t agitate my shoulder as much as I had assumed it would. It was a bummer because every year you want to try and beat your time from the year before. And I knew that wasn’t going to be an option for me this year. All I was supposed to focus on was my shoulder, and finishing the 200 laps without hurting it furthermore. Which I did, and gained a few extra minutes from last year. Which is fine and would okay if it wasn’t my last opportunity to swim it. Which really kind of sucks but it was a great way to start swimming again. I swam the 200 laps in 93 minutes and with no further injuries to my shoulder. And I have yet to raise the full $200 dollars which is due Wednesday of this week so if you’d like to help out, feel free!