And it begins

The real work has started. The coaches are no longer going easy on us. There is a lot of screaming at practice now. To go faster or to keep going or to get out of the pool cause you’re not taking it seriously. Which as awful as this sounds I am really grateful for that last one. I have such a beautiful passion for this sport and if my teammates aren’t taking it seriously than I don’t want them there. They are wasting there time and ours with their lack of effort.

There was one time my sophomore year I was a mentor to this other girl in my grade. It was her first year swimming and I was supposed to help her through it and answer any questions she might have and mainly be a role model for her. I kept noticing that she would bring her swim bag to school with her but never come to practice. And I was very confused. And when I would ask her if she was going to come to practice that day she would always tell me she would. More days went by and she never came. One particular afternoon I had to leave about half an hour early from practice for a doctors appointment when I saw her. She would wet her hair in the sink and then go wait for her parents to pick her up outside. While her parents believed she was swimming and loving it, she was actually spending the time with her boyfriend doing who knows what. I confronted her about it the next day and her parents ended up finding out and she quit. I feel bad but she wasn’t there to swim on the days she did come. She had a team and let the team down day after day.

It extremely irritates me when my teammates complain. Especially when the can swim. I am still waiting to be able to swim regularly for just a 50 freestyle. And I can’t wait for that day to come. So it is difficult for me to have to listen to my teammates complain about how they don’t want to do this set and how tired they are and how much they hate swimming when that is my one greatest desire right now. To be able to do the set exactly how it should be done. And work so hard that I practically collapse when the set is over. And all I can do right now is kick. Which is fine and I’m sure I am going to have a killer kick by the end of the season but I am very anxious for the day I can race again.

I saw the psych sheet of our team this season and I am actually placed very well. Within the top ten for at least half of the events and top four in two of those events. I am hoping that the doctor will evaluation will turn out wrong and I will be continue to beat those times and somehow still make it to state!